Laurie Schreiber

Laurie Schreiber

Writer, copy editor, proofreader

Hi there. I’m a freelance writer, copy editor, proofreader on the Maine coast. I’ve written hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and online publications.

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Open uri20131013 24174 1vra0kx article

The Ragtime, Sparkle-divine Peace Farm State of Mind

Masanobu (left) and Tomoko Ikemiya cut elderberries...

Open uri20131015 13188 u0e2ib article

A family’s Friendship, a fleet’s friendly ways

SOUTHWEST HARBOR – Three generations of Zubers are ...

Open uri20131013 24174 8moo30 article

A hint of inner chaos in paintings that are big, bold and bizarre

NORTHEAST HARBOR – Artist Aaron Mitchell makes pain...

Open uri20131015 8452 1ahgbd4 article

Right whale mother and fetus, killed in ship strike, are focus of research and exhibit by Laurie Schreiber

Stumpy lived a long and fruitful life, but she and the nearly full-term fetus inside of her met with a tragic end.

Open uri20131015 17209 sc4zfm article

Rammed earth home uses a “new” ancient technique

A new home in the village of Salisbury Cove uses a variety of sustainable energy techniques, including an ancient method of rammed-earth construction.

Open uri20131013 5737 n4z6dn article

Linda Kelley: The art, the energy, and a sense of play

BAR HARBOR – Linda Rowell Kelley likes time by herself in her A-frame studio, a hundred yards down a brushy...

Open uri20131013 5737 1jeosjm article

The Esther II: A father’s boat, a son’s heart

TREMONT –  Back in the 1940s and ‘50s, Charles Orville Trask used to set out from Bass Harbor and head...

Open uri20140315 32731 86jojd article

Wizard of Oz 'witch' loved her Maine island

Margaret Hamilton's son and daughter-in-law still enjoy summers on Cape Island off Boothbay

Open uri20131114 23497 1w2yoj article

Bass Harbor Lobsterboat Race: “A Bang-Up Job”

“Three years ago, I said, ‘Well, we’ll have races here,’” he recalls.
Others were skeptical.
“I said, ‘Let’s do it!’”

Open uri20131112 16697 1542efq article

Gwen Schwartz: An artist’s creative fire, remembered

NORTHEAST HARBOR – Gwen Elizabeth Schwartz was a young artist who is remembered by friends and family for her bold...

Open uri20131015 8452 1rj46hd article

After hitting bottom, a young mother pulls through for her child

A year ago, “Susan” was 23, hooked on drugs and try...

Open uri20131015 8452 17fj5v5 article

Drug addiction: No such thing as a hopeless case

Kip Young is “a pretty happy, single, 51-year-old g...

Open uri20131015 20218 1nby6tz article

From death’s door, an addict finds his way home

Dustin Johnson started using marijuana and alcohol ...

Open uri20131015 8452 w89yru article

After several relapses, a recovered addict is optimistic

Julia is a friendly, fit, athletically inclined per...

Open uri20131015 13188 1y2svvz article

House concert impresario Steve Peer: “The coolest guy we know”

ELLSWORTH – There’s a hubbub of cheerful chatter, a...